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Everyday millions of businesses waste time and money telling stories that don’t sell. We decided to do something about it.

Business is all about selling – brands, products, services and strategies.  We see so many great companies waste time and money telling stories that make it hard for them to sell and influence. They create confusion by communicating every feature and benefit of their offer, complicating the message with industry jargon, and the most complex Powerpoint slides know to man.  And then they wonder why:

  • Proposals sit in limbo, and the sales conversation always comes back to price
  • Industry analysts place their business in the wrong competitive set
  • Employees don’t understand their role in achieving the company’s strategy
  • The marquis product is losing market share to a lesser quality competitor
  • Investors can’t understand why they should fund the dream

And these companies think they are telling a story.  But, the stories they’re telling create confusion in the minds of buyers.  Buyers like clarity.  Confusion makes it hard to sell.

We started Telling Media to help businesses accelerate sales by reinventing the stories they’re telling. Stories that incite engagement and ultimately sales communicate why a brand, product or service really matters to a customer – how it makes their lives better.  And those are the stories we love to tell.

Many think of story as a marketing thing, but story sits at the very core of a business.  Story = strategy. Companies need to live their story.  They need to be it.  A company’s story should drive everything the business does from pricing, product design, customer service, hiring & recruitment practices, to sales and marketing.

Simply put, Telling Media helps business-to-business companies create, tell and become their story.  That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.



Helping B2B companies grow through story

Senior business leaders hire us when they need the right story to power their growth strategy. HR, Marketing, Sales and Investor Relations hire us when they want the right story for:

  • New Business Presentations
  • Venture Capital Presentations
  • Tradeshows & Events
  • Investor Roadshows
  • Industry Analyst Presentations
  • Digital Media
  • Recruiting & Hiring
  • Introducing Organizational Change
  • Employee Retention
  • Annual Shareholder Meetings

We offer a range of services that help companies create, tell and become their story.

Client Success Stories

New Story Takes Rates Off The Table
This professional services firm was spending too much time and energy justifying their rate structure. Through customer research we realigned their story to match what really matters to their customers. Today, rates are not a part of their customer discussions.

New Story Boosts Sales By 30%
Complex technology and implementation variables made this product line a tough sell. A new product story, clear value proposition and re-organized sales materials now make the buying decision much easier with product revenues up 30% so far this year.

New Product Story Ups Demo Requests by 20%
Smart IT people were taking the rap for poor project performance. This client’s product was designed to help them deliver what their users wanted in half the time, but the client’s story was underperforming. By telling like it really is, a new story increased product demo requests by 20%.

New Story Helps Analysts Fall In Love
Key industry analysts didn’t know this global digital services firm even though they were the second largest provider in their space. A compelling narrative put them on the radar screen and got analysts energized about their value proposition. Three months later, they were being included in industry analyst reports.


Book Blair and Danielle for your next event.

Telling Media principals Danielle Berg and Blair Caplinger lead workshops and speak to industry and professional organizations, inspiring participants to create business stories that engage their audience’s hearts, minds and wallets.

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